When Royal Inbreeding Went Horribly Wrong




We’ve investigated the Royal Family quite a bit, and have turned out some funny and not funny videos about the British Royalty. We got a hour hour compilation for you! In today’s compilation we sum up everything we’ve learned about the Princes and the Queen and put it all in this epic video. See if you are related to Royalty, or compare your day to an average day of the Queen.

00:00 When Royal Inbreeding Went Horribly Wrong
10:16 How Protected is the British Royal Family
19:29 Are You Related to Royalty
24:59 Stupidly Rich Monarchs
40:36 Average Day in the Life of Queen Elizabeth
49:40 Most Evil Monarchs in the History of Mankind
57:28 How Does The Queen Compare to the Average British Person

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