Airplane Heist – Thief Who Hijacked A Plane and Stole A Million Dollars


Who was D. B. Cooper and why was he never caught? The person known as D. B. Cooper may have pulled-off one of the greatest feats of criminality known to man, Some criminals go down in history as almost heroic, they become to the stuff of folklore. We have noble highwaymen; we have people that robbed the rich only to share their spoils with the poor. We have bank robbers such as John Dillinger, who became a legend after stealing from the big bad banks and being very kind with the swag. Then we have outlaws such as Jesse James, whose legend appears to be somewhat overblown in both books and movies. But in today’s show we will focus on a man whose actions were certainly not fiction. Welcome to this episode of the Infographics Show, Who was D.B. Cooper?

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