I Want To Come Over

i know you’re home
you left your light on
you know i’m here
the night is thin
i know your alone
i watched the car leave
your lover is gone
let me in


open your back door
i just need to touch you once more
i want to come over
to hell with the consequence
you told me you love me
that’s all i believe
i want to come over
it’s a need i can’t explain
to see you again
i want to come over

i know your friend
you told her about me
she filled you with fear
some kind of sin
how can you turn
denying the fire
lover i burn
let me in


i know you’re confused
i know that your shaken
you think we’ll be lost
once we begin
i know your weak
i know that you want me
lover don’t speak
let me in


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