ft. Aceyalone

dukes in my horizon pass the time of day with me
dukes in my horizon pass the time of day with me
dukes in my horizon pass the time of day with me
the earth’s surface height is global
so watch the stealth sport
I freed you to the odd of firearms
I was a specimen of near perfection in a college professor’s pod
now I’m the only thing you should be fearing for the next millennium clearing
if only time will tell then I’ll tell time
no secrets like he doesn’t know
I throw beggar’s bullets at baley’s barn
there’ll be bullets over Broadway for all of our faults

people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones
people who live in glass houses don’t throw stones
people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones
because they risk having boulders crash down on their lovely homes
thin wind rain sleet snow cones come showering through your roof
you need a fine toothed comb to find the truth
well my house ain’t made of glass and my chariot ain’t no pumpkin
I’m not a backyard bumpkin I’m from the concrete slab
where people taking anything and everything that they can grab
what’s so bad is a whole lotta grabbin
a lotta jar jabbin
gremlins, goblins, rappers squabbling
amongst the ranks from the punks to the drunks
to the monks to the saints
keep your eyes on your oxygen tank
the ears you ain’t
either you can or you can’t
a heartbeat start skip stop off crank you go blank….

the fascination of the infinite consumes me
the fascination of the infinite consumes me
the fascination of the infinite consumes me
vitality to hurt you all in virtual reality actual natural plants enhanced
my words are crystal clear
deep intensified trance in a relaxed atmosphere
optional imagery high tech focal reprocessing
metallic existence roams through the galaxy
trails of stardust remain I crush you palace and fallacies
warlords who swung swords
now hide behind steel shields from the battle field
mortal weaponry stays concealed as they kneel
once my power cosmic’s revealed

I’m the piccadilly of the carnival
the unharnessable remarkable, the sheath that holds
the arguably truest tempered sword in the western world
I’m ahead of my time and I’m heading your way
a word of warning
the world is turning
torquing and contorting
while a ball of gas is burning
meteor shower warnings leaving grind and grit and granite winding
the second hand towards the finding of tablets
for derelicts and martyrs puppeteers and marauders
juggernaughts and argonaughts
who are sparking irons to butter into waters uncharted..

now into the labyrinth of madchild’s amusement
more intense than the shining you’re in a difficult course
feel the pressure from all angles of prev’s centrifugal force
unremorseful sorcery firing flames more frequent
and strengthen the attacker and black magic clashing in sequence
my activities are extra curricular one particular
immaculate masculine muscular rap spectacular
cohesion casting curses and articulate verses

what do you do when there’s no response to your distress signal
when your SOS is busy is he dead or alive
since I put my mind in overdrive
I’ve derived this method of meshing and molding
shaping and holding on
to this golden microphone
alone in the wilderness
skill less yet fearless
I’ve experienced your experiences once already
now once you’re ready
I’ll re-dream your dreamscapelandscapeskyscrapeskydive
in a swan lake chasing beat breaks we can take a cake walk
through my program and talk
megabites gigabites kilohertz
and electric inserts
I can pole vault with a lightning bolt over the wall of china
and cruise my cruise liner
tryingtofindafinerrhyme and if I decide to sink your
lusitanian there’ll be pandemonium mania
drown in to my aquarium terrarium….

[Prevail] dukes in my horizon pass the time of day with me
[Aceyalone] people in glass houses, don’t throw stones
[Madchild] the fascination of the infinite consumes me
[Aceyalone] consumption….

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