ft. B.G., Big Tymers, Lil Wayne

Whoa-ohh-oh-ohh.. come down now rude bwoy
Little Weezy Wez, try and take over as the rude bwoy now

I got a gold two thousand Jag, and customized Cadillac
(I got some shit with 17’s on the front, and 20’s on the back)
My mom in a mansion, and my dad in a truck
(Player my sister in a 2001 tinted and rimmed up)
I take care of my baby mommas like we still together
(When my brother get out of jail man I’ma buy him whatever)
Credit in my yellow gold in exchange for white
(Y’all saw me at the Source Awards, wasn’t that shit like tight?)
Cartier frames with wood grain on the ear
(V.S.O.P. Hennessy, so save y’all fuckin beers)
A diehard nigga, a 3rd Ward nigga
(7th Ward hardhead ready for war nigga)
A Cash Money clown, tattooed and scarred nigga
(I ain’t bitchin up for nar’ one of y’all funky ass niggaz)
Princess cuts, baguettes and marquises – what that say?
(Bad motherfuckin baguettes in Chinese)

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Sunshine – in the middle of the night
Sunshine – with baguettes so bright
Sunshine – every place that I be
Sunshine – all of ya bwoys know me

[B.G.] We be holdin the Cristal high so you can see
The princess cutted Presidential Roley

[Fresh] Sho’ Lil, won’tcha scratch the Rover, with the block TV
(You lyin) Six in the headrest, all got new TV’s

[B.G.] Well look the other hand, holdin a blunt real high
So you can see the Wonder Woman bracelet sunshine

[Fresh] 2000, Navigation on 19 inches
My mom in the 6 I ain’t out ya penny pincher

[B.G.] God Bless Wayne, when I set foot on the scene
I make you take a triple take, at the bling, the bling bling (what?)

[Fresh] Iced out sparklin millionaire on the flo’
Hittin these hoes with shit they never seen befo’

[B.G.] Now when you see my neck, you could just say ooh
That Hot Boy from Cash Money’s a fool

[Fresh] In our platinum Benzes with the cat eyes (eyes)
Flat screens in my crib with the flat I’s (I’s)


[Lil Wayne]
Hold up – there go Wayne, everybody be quiet
Oh my God! He’s drivin from the passenger’s side
Million dollar conversation when I talk I’m shinin
Nigga I.. puh, puh – spit out diamonds
I change the grill on my truck so I don’t blend with niggaz
A young cat like me with Bill Clinton figures
I’ma expensive nigga, drive Bentleys nigga
(?) got it dropped on twenty inches nigga
Best type got navigation system nigga
VCR, PlayStation, televisions nigga
You know stuntin is a habit, chrome on the Navi
TV’s in that rear headrest to entertain the traffic
They call me the hot man, got the block on lock man
All my cars chopped man, all my trucks drop man
Trunk full of knock man, wrist full of rocks man
Pants full of glocks man, sunshine spot man


[Baby] Now you can catch me sunshinin on the lake on Sunday
What’s happenin Fresh?

[Fresh] Don’t fight, Sunny Delight – it’s beautiful

[Baby] Where, nigga, where you, where you be sunshinin at?

[Juve] Yeah I be sunshin up in my, new Cadillac truck
Or my new 2000 Jaguar, ya know me

[Baby] My lil nigga Weezy went and got Baby on his right arm
and Suga Slim on his left arm, whatchu think about that Jesus?
(That’s wonderful) Hahaha (that’s lovely) that’s true
What, we gon’ let, lovely take it out with his
R&B album bout to come out, he don’t give a fuck about a bitch..

[all laughing]

[Fresh] Sunshine is a sport man..

[Baby] Lil Turk sittin there spookin somebody..

[laughing to fade]

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