Bitterness infested, justice is molested
Govern my contested ways
As a child arrested, as a man detested
Happiness inside my pain
You hate my life
Because you see my strife
Could never understand or try
It makes me mad
Because it makes me sad
But I don’t care why

You fake it, mistake it
Fuck it away
Your lying is trying
My dignity

I see right through your soul
Can’t help but feel this cold
But this city made me so

Life is filled with deception, unwanted inception
Want redemption for it all
All my life frustrated, pushed, alienated
Wait for me to take a fall
My faith has waned
Because I feel the strain
In my eyes it’s all gone wrong
We’ll rise above
From this lack of love
It won’t be long now



I’m not the only one
Can’t be the only one

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