No Warning

It’s the return of the real nigga wit real shit
and when the smoke dies down its still a nigga left to deal wit
This mutha fucker standin one deep solo
exercising parts of the game but don’t know
I bring it to a mutha fucker full throttle
and any mutha fucker want pain I brought the full bottle
now take ya two of these and call me in the morning
three times point blank range wit no warning
Nigga I’m straight killa slash for show drama
and every mutha fucker involved gon’ face drama
Punk I aint no mutha fucka rappin in song
You bust your caps when you rap
but I bust back at your dome bitch
And this is always all day killa
and bitches who be stressin me out I get rid of
I’m still a guerilla in these goddamn streets
walkin up on mutha fuckers and leavin ’em sleep

(Cause if you gonna ride then we can ride)
But 99.9 of the times you gon’ die
(Die mutha fucker die mutha fucker die)
Mutha fuckers crowdin my space they gon’ die

I can’t believe you hoes is playin wit this
but since you mutha fuckers want drama I’ll bring you this shit
I got my dime down cocked and shined
just a homie from the hood
had the paper still I’m bout to grind
What you thought this was nigga some studio gimmick
a mutha fucker talking that shit but couldn’t spend it-shit
I come around this mutha fucker bending beads
and dare one of you hoes to come and fuck wit me
I’m real with it I’ll warn you mutha fuckers again
that if you step to me wit ho shit I’m turning you in
Shocked-and shot wit five holes in your memory
and when you headed for hell you gon’ remember me
The one MC who told you niggas once
and after that he gave no warning he straight done him- punk
I got my mind all made up to go off
when bitches start to threaten my life I go off
Take a walk on the wild side
and all the coloreds go whoop whoop
when I come down in my coupe
And mutha fuckers hatin me come give it a try
but 99.9 of the times you gon’ die
wit no warnin
Dealing wit the killer wit the strap out
No warnin -then
All fo a sudden homie blacks out
wit no warnin
And now your dealing with your outer body energy
all the pain you left in your life you still feeling me
Everybody living must have thought it would change
But living fast and dying young’s a part of the game
How can one spit the game so sure
turned around and emptied his than
wit no warning

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