It was a soft gentle night
In the little town of, of, well, your town
The gentle breeze swept the streets
Creating that pleasant howl that these kind town folks
Have enjoyed for so many, many years
The wind chimes sent their peaceful melodies
Into the ears of the sleepy residents
But the unusual was approaching in the distance
Something evil was heading towards this small town
While the residents slept, something crept
Slithered and crawled its way through the quiet streets
Guided by the moon light
These frightening strangers set up tents and rides
Shows and games, there were savage jesters
And wicked ringmasters
There were horrid freak shows
And sights only the impending doom will witness
They brung with them the carnage
That they had lived with for eternity
The morning is a new day
The people of this town will unwillingly witness
The show of their lives, only rumored to exist
You will be the next to die helplessly
At the Carnival of Carnage

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