Locked out, and alienated
lost, soul, is feared and hated
judged, scared, not comprehended
waste, time, no more

Everyone’s reponsible to take precaution – be aware
research is our best defense
if we ignore it we’ll just fool ourselves

Your, lies, and misconception
won’t, help, in their affliction
learn, know, what’s fact or fiction
waste, time, no more

There’s no more time for talk, we’ve got to see
the reality that surrounds us every day
we can’t ignore all the victims of the plague
who’ve been fighting for a future
that’s looking pretty, pretty vague
we can’t deny it, we can deny it
it just ain’t right if we turn a blind eye
the truth will upset all of those
who will let this apathy run their live, ’cause :

Silence equals death
silence equals death
silence equals death

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