In and Out

ft. Devin, Too $hort

Hotel, motel, deep up in a hoe’s tail
Pussy smellin sweeter than a half a key a dope smell
Knock that top back, told her I’d be right back
Nigga where your wife at, y’all niggas don’t like that
I bring a bitch the rough shit, you be on some love shit
Kiss and hold and hug shit, she be wantin thug dick
You winin, and dinin, puttin all ya time in
I be into windin, knockin out the linen
Silk pink panties, but she can’t understand me
I be buyin condoms, you be buyin candy
She love you, lust me, gansta shit, it must be
All the while you spoilin that bitch, so thinkin ‘fuck me’
Hard for you to see that, ’cause you be on that weak rap
"Ay, can I get some roses please?", nigga where your ‘G’ at
A gentleman, fuck that, wearin suits, what’s that?
You hit the hoe she lay there, I hit the bitch she fuck back
Makin voices, noises, voices and noises (moaning)
But when she do, I send her home to you
Pussy hole swole up, everytime she roll up

[Hook – Devin]
(Nasty) I’m slippin in and out ya girl
(Nasty) Pussy all around the world
(Nasty) Stickin my dick up in and out ya girl
(So nasty) Pussy all around the world

Now I admit, I didn’t put my prick up ya gal
She saves her pussy for you, she’s just my dick sucking pal
She tells me her problem, I like to listen and learn
And I don’t mind because she’s always got a Swisher to burn
And a six-pack, I sit back, chill while she drives
With her skirt pulled down and her panties to the side
Wanna smoke, what’s up, open up the glove compartment
Grab the Swisher, kiss her, get my lighter and spark it
Don’t know how she do it nigga but when she be drivin
She be slobbin and bobbin while she’s givin me noggin
And I’ve been, tryin to tell myself to chill
But I find myself just takin the wheel

[Hook 2x]

[Too $hort]
She followed me to the bathroom, and I ain’t have to pee
I’m at the club tryin to do this little nasty freak
I met last week, you know the panties drop quick
She suck dick with two hands and a whole lotta spit
Average niggas get nervous around the bitch
Lick between her legs and run circles ’round her clit
Fall in love, she’ll make your mind a wreck
When she lay on her back, and put her legs behind her neck
Sperm drinker, come in her mouth, she keeps suckin it
It’s too sensitive, have a nigga sayin
‘fuck this shit, bitch, can I have my dick back’
You don’t wanna hit that, you don’t wanna be inside that kit-cat
She’s too nasty, but I like that
Pussy have you right back, fuck where your wife’s at
It’s hard for you to fight that
Long throat, nut-gobblin bitch with a tight cat
Gettin head in a white ‘Lac, bitch

[Hook 4x]

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