I Wanna Be Down

Verse 1: I would like to get to know if I could be, the kind of girl that you could be down for. Cause when I look at you I feel somethin’ tell me,that your the kind of guy that I should make a move on,oh. And if I dont let you know then I wont be for real. I could be wrong but I feel like something could be goin on. The more I see you the more that it becomes so true. There aint no other for me its only you.

Chorus: I wanna be down.With what your goin through. I wanna be down. I wanna be down with you. No matter the time, of day or night its true. I wanna be down.

Verse 2: I know anybodys gonna be lonely. With that the reason they got someone to care for. Maybe all you needs a shoulder to cry on. If thats a fact then I’ll be more than you ever could dream of,oh. If all you need is my time that I got plenty of. I’ll dedicate all my love until you want me baby. I wanna be by your side, be there to cool you of. And let you know everything will be alright.

(ad libs)

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