Hold Me

Brian McKnight
Trackmasters (ooooh)
Kobe Bryant:

Brian McKnight

Kobe Bryant:
Yeah, gee soft

Trackmasters (mmmm)
Uh, real hot, baby
Honey, listen up (listen)
The lies and pain
It’s enough (it’s enough)
Ended, exit
Leave homes alone (uh, huh)
The New York Giant
Your man’s a client
I’m the president (yeah)
Money, long life jail sentences
Sentences, poetic
Him? (Him?) Forget it (forget it)
Amnesia, I need ya
I need A
women like you
I know you wanna go (wanna go)
Your girlfriends say (say)
That you wanna leave (leave)
Here’s my chauffer (uh, huh)
Give him his keys to his V’s
And, honey, you can ride me

Brian McKnight:
Remember way back when, when I first met ya
Didn’t wanna sweat ya, wanted you to put me on
1-5-5 at the Rucker’s, all them other suckers
Tried to game, I knew you were the one (oh yeah)
Well, I know you think about me (you think about me)

Well, I don’t know what you waitin to see
Girl, I want you in my life
Let me show you right
You’re the only one that matters to me (c’mon)
Girl, it’s about time

Please let me put you on
Right here’s where you belong
Don’t be afraid to hold me
I’ll be right here, it’s OK
There’s nothing else to say
Don’t be afraid to hold me

Brian McKnight:
When you were alone that night, I called you from Jamaica
You were listening to I’ll Take Her and I know I made you smile.
Now I ain’t on the shiny tip but I know you like the flossy shh
I just want to hold you for a while, Girl.
Girl I know you think about me. I don’t know what your waiting to see. Girl I want you in my life, let me tell you why.
‘Cause your the only one that matters to me.



KB sing it Kobe

Kobe :
Your loves a sword slicing jelly through my body
burns so sweet blood boils when you speak makes me weak
but I refuse to weep yet when I sleep, I feel tears twicklin’
down my cheek. Stay strong, pride telling me move on my hearts fightin’ me forcing me to hold on. Yours forever fell for you beyond measure pure as ever fade by sins of treasure.

Tonight’s the night, Tonight
Let’s make it tight, Tonight


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