Gotta Be Me

[chorus: Cresia]
And I just gotta be me…me…me
And I’m gonna stay sucka free…free…free
And I just gotta be me…

[Lil’ Flip]
I’m an 18 year old CEO
I got fans thats dyin to see me flow
my favorite movie is CB-4
H$E Click you know we throwed
I’m 6 foot 1 on the digital scale
I’m a ghetto star and a man as well
and I’m all about my mail like a man in jail
I wonder if I put my tape out, can it sell?
only time will tell how many copies get sold
and I pray to god that I live to get old
cuz half of my homeboys already dead
and the other half doin time with the feds
I’m like the CincinnatI Reds I’m playin ball for the pennant
and if I fall while I’m tryin I start from the beginning
they say practice make perfect and it really paid off
I’m my own boss now so I can’t get laid off
and I’m gonna stay the same flip no matter what it takes
and I won’t stop rappin no matter how much I make
Whether I’m rich or broke i’ma still crack jokes
and I never turn my back on mobbin foes


[Lil’ Flip]
I done been through a lot of pain
at an early age ??? gave me silent game
I got knowledge but I didn’t get it from college man
I’m not gonna change because I’m flyin private planes
and if I don’t work, my pockets hurt
man it costs a lot of money livin on this earth
everybody got to shine but it’s my turn
the early bird gets the worm that’s what I learned
ever since I was a kid I had to ball
I don’t smoke cigarettes and I hate alcohol
I went from being a janitor to a manager
when you become a star with me, wanna dance with yah
I’m gonna keep my platinum teeth and my pants saggin
now everybody wanna jump on the band waggon
I ain’t braggin, because I got a little change,
I ain’t gonna let my head blow up cuz I got a little fame
now when my cousin died things got a little strange
I know the block is hot just ask lil wayne
everybody dream about goin to hollywood
but look how fast I turned clover land into ???


[Lil’ Flip]
everyday I’m on the paper chase
I gotta win first place in this paper race
a lot of kids around the world wanna take my place
but momma said boy don’t let nobody take your space
that’s why I pay attention, so I can see
it ain’t the army but I’m bein all I can be
so everyday I shop like I hit the lottery
I’m Lil’ Flip that’s the only thing I gotta be


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