Come and Get Something

Oh a nigga wanna shoot at my set and miss me and then think it’s all
fuckin good, huh nigga what huh, which one of ya’ll niggas huh, what

[Master P]

Haaaaaaa This weed got me trippin somtimes I see ghosts
I’m visualizing crosses damn it’s really posters
you think some fuckin body despite my 40 crew punch
my daddy don’t trust me say my minds out to lunch
hangin wit killas dope dealers and drug dealers
pullin off licks wit muthafuckin thug niggas
my momma said she shoulda killed me when I was a baby
cuz this ghetto got a young nigga crazy
P don’t take no shit from no suckas
but ready to serve boulders to dem muthafuckin cluckers

If you want something come and get something (2x)


I got fiends runnin out the fuckin crack house
I’m not P but I dumpin niggas like Stackhouse
They call me C-murder I’m a member of that TRU click
you run up wrong boy you might get your wig split
I’m known in the ghetto for slangin narcotics
them feds be watchin but dem hoes can’t stop me shit
my game so tight ain’t got no time fo slip-ups
I come up short I’ma bust yo fuckin lip up
cuz money and murder is the code that I live by
come to ya set and do a muthafuckin walk by
deep in the game preparing for the worst {What about dem po po’s}
I wanna put em in a hearse
they took me to jail wit 2 keys in my back trunk
fresh out the county still smellin like about a buck get some

If you want something come and get somethin (2x)

[Prime Suspects]

Ahhhhhhh niggas snorted that dope got ya speech all slurred
but you can buck if you want and think you won’t get get served
how you figure that we was stackin G’s on the low
how you figure that you can come kick in my door
fuck around and get dimed talkin bout you ain’t real niggas
from that weight and that Caliope arms swoll soldier
never gave a fuck uptown raised so you know it’s in my blood nigga

We shoot like they ruthless dees fools is made for walkin
no talkin in this jack move be cool
while C pet you crime is the way in these days
niggas get left in a daze from AK’s barrel pointed your way
prime checks Prime Suspects prime nine
I’m a No Limit Soldier I’m out to get mine

If you want something come and get something (3x fade)

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