[Bone Thug souljah, souljah, Bone Thug souljah, souljah]…in the battlezone, the battlezone. [Bone Thug souljah, souljah, Bone Thug.] Swing low [Swing low], sweet chariot, [Sweet chariot] coming forth to carry me home [coming forth to carry me home.] Swing low, sweet chariot, [Sweet chariot] coming forth to carry me home [coming forth to carry me home]. I looked up on Jordan, and [what did…] what did I see [what did I see?] coming forth to carry me home? [Coming forth to carry me home.] [What did I see, what did I see?] Coming forth to carry me home [Coming forth to carry me home.] [Listen to my battle cry…] Come on, come on in my battlezone. […aaah my battle cry.] Get up, get up, get up, get up, come on in my battlezone. [Listen to my battle cry…] Get up, get up, get up, get up, come on. Have me come for. […aaah my battle cry.] Get up, get up, get up, get up, come on, [come on] Have me come for.
One, two, look at the tally. They drew my picture with Bob Marley. They probably wanna kill me. Will I die in 1999? Smoking phillies. Bizzy the kid was bustin’ in the ceilin’ in my big claim. Kickin’ on somethin’ and dig this. Got to feel it, catch and don’t let go. Wretched in a ‘fro. Bone watchin’ for the po-po. Roll over then pull it, got my bullet in my Fo-fo. I gotta stand it’s turnin to a jungle! (Green baby) Comin’ out a 4-door Benz and I spend a lot for show. No, no, don’t spend a lot, contend with men. Lookin’ at my watch like a meal ticket. Arrest the block, they couldn’t pin it, better send it. For the cops, absorb you soul of course. Praise to the pharoah. Murda Mo, Curly, I heard it lower and return it and burn, when our niggas still shermed out! Court’s adjourned, court’s adjourned, Rest and burn!

I can’t sleep at night, cause I lay in my bed. And I be tossin’ and turnin’ trying to avoid my dreams. And I can hear the niggas lettin’ off they lead around the corner. Got me feelin’ paranoia like they coming for me. And I be clutchin’ my heat, got me pacing back and forth. So much shit on my mind, so many things to do. So little time a nigga really got to do it in. Man I be ready for war in my fatigues and boots. From the minute nigga step outside, Nina Ross on my hip and I got to pack one. Just like Little Eazy-E told you and me, nigga never leave the house without packin’ a gun. And that’s real, ‘leave it for the dollar bill. Niggas’ll holler “Kill Kill” then start flexin’. When the shit poppin’ off in my direction, nigga got a 17-shot for protection. Life ain’t no joke. Too many niggas I know was takin’ shit for granted and that’s foul! Nigga if you see a fool, pick a fool right out the crowd and hit him dead in his mouth for being loud and wild. Shit is real! Ain’t none of that elastic faggot rubber band plastic shit. Muthafuckas in the battle zone blastin’ shit. Put the match on shit, straight up gassin’ shit!
Hell yeah! It’s that same nigga runnin’ with the AK-47, bustin’ niggas in the belly. Give them muthafuckas more than just a headache. Get back at that nigga faster than FedEx. They’re runnin’, retreatin’, screamin’ "Mayday, we’re goin’ down!" Now why the fuck is niggas tellin’ lies and rumors? Talkin’ about "we split up?" ‘Cause I see Krayzie, Layzie, Bizzy, Wish, Flesh. Niggas really need to shut that shit up. If a muthafucka really want to rumble we can tumble, we wilder than any animal that’s in the jungle. The name of the game is block the basket, strike him out, hit the goal, make the quarterback fumble—strategize. Any nigga hatin’ ain’t a friend of mine. Nigga considered the enemy, niggas that’s when you die. I never keep my enemies close, ’cause I got a perfect view of ’em in my scope. That’s close enough. Leather Face’ll fuck a nigga up, and smile, and hit ’em with the millimeter. And I show a bitch, kill a nigga. See me drivin’. Bitch come on and try to rob me! I’m willing to bet that ‘cha get lit up! Get off of me baby (baby), keep on comin’ and there’s gon’ be drama (drama). Tellin’ you niggas: "You better not fuck with me, ’cause I ain’t that quiet nigga that I used to be!" Look how the haters give a nigga attitude. Nigga sick of being humble, now I’m like "Fuck that!" I gotta get mine. They try to show a nigga love, but fuck that it ain’t no love. ‘Cause in the game you get fucked every time. Got this feeling inside my bloodline. Somebody finna get fucked up! If a nigga don’t get some satisfaction. Blastin’ like a madman. Gettin’ with the static, nigga lovin’ the action. Yeah! My Bone Thug niggas come on. If any one of you niggas got any problems—thinkin’ you tough and you really want to solve ’em. Don’t be mumblin’, speak a little louder. While you steady talkin’ like you liver than the next nigga, we’ll already be up in you. Now hater feel us. Who the realest? The Bone Thug killas. If there’s any objections, niggas deal with ’em. Realer than them other muthafuckas talkin’ about they thugs, jumpin all on the bandwagon. Wanna be like us, wanna cuss, wanna bust they guns, thugged out with they pants saggin’. They actin’. But when it’s really time to show some tactics, the niggas don’t have ’em. We murdered the bastards, puttin em all in bodybags and caskets. Drop ’em in the river, splash! That’s that ass! ‘Cause when we clash, ain’t no comin’ back. Huntin’ niggas from the past. We gon’ settle this shit right here. Fight to whoever blood be spilled first. Who will be the nigga ridin’ away in a Hearse? Not me! I’m determined to wake up and still be livin’ in the morning, you feeling me? Quicker than a clocked damn missle. Hit a bitch directly in the middle, right between your eye. Then we makin’ sure that nigga die. Shoot a couple more times…and ride out. (ride out, ride out) Nigga we ride out. (ride out, ride out) Nigga we ride out. (ride out, ride out) Nigga we ride out.

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