Verse 1
I have been through many disappointments and regrets
never known yet the joy of lasting love
Now I’m reaching for your hand on the shore of happiness
oh, aquience to you my dear my love

You take my breath away
You’re everything I desire
I can’t stay away
I used to say never, but I’ll never say never again
Every night and day
Now I realize what can’t be denied
I never thought I’d fall, but I fell anyway
and I know that, I know that, I known that
I never thought I’d fall, but I fell anyway

Verse 2
You’re the perfect lover
and you are the perfect friend
Now all that’s ever been
we simply rose above
And as long as we don’t build our castle on quick-sand
we’ll experience and understand, oh
The pleaseure of lasting love

My heart’s on fire
burning with a flame that will never die
There’s a voice inside
Saying don’t be afraid, don’t compromise


There are many, many words that I can say
Melodies I could play
Prayers that I can pray
Nothing can take your love away, away, away…

Chorus – out

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