Anotha Round

It’s the return of three drunk mothafuckas
Huh, yeah
It’s Tha Liks
We gots Stan the guitar man in the house

[Verse 1: J-Ro]
I’m sick like a sore throat swallow
Drunk act to follow
I’ll make the whole bottle hollow (What a ride)
Rollin’ wit’ a open container
And one in the chamber
Ten Likwit CD’s in the changer
Bettin’ wages on the Lakers
Yo’ squad is in danger
Hoes go two ways these days like my pager
Say Hoe, my name is J-Ro
Oh, you didn’t know? (No)
Well, fuck you then!
I hang with cats, who chase rats, and kick tats
Hit the eightball like Minnesota fats
Got more ? than biceps, relax
Pure hoes jockin’ in the studio flats
When I’m in the house, take off the wave cap for hats
Got scully from a hoochie, with lips like Da Brat
Raised in the valley of the shadow of death
So I fear none, time to ?

We are Tha Alkaholiks
It’s last call, can we get anotha round?
We are Tha Alkaholiks
And I know ya like the way it’s goin’ down

[Verse 2: Tash]
So all the ladies to the Limo
It’s Tha Alkaholik car pool
Lyrics bang from thirty feet
To blow y’all niggas off your bar stool
We back, to wet’cha
The flawless, the wallus
Regardless of your colors, Tha Liks are Alkaholiks

[Tha Liks]
We the same three niggas that be makin’ the noise
Doin’ donuts in Ferrari’s, like some drunk hot boys

Do or die fool
Straight from the home of where we spark from
Where the weed’ll leave ya dizzy
Like a tranquelizer dart gun
The L, not to be confused with Tinsletown
Well, I made a million dollars off this shit I penciled down
Flashy Tashy, be gunnin’ from the worsest alliance
And when I die, I’ma donate all my verses to science
Do the tango, while rappers get strangled by the lonesark
You be ridin’ niggas dick, that’s why you never make your own mark
I’m sober and justice, why this is my year
Screamin’ "Party over here, fuck y’all over there!"
(Party over here, fuck y’all over there!)


[Verse 3: J-Ro]
King Tee started it off, and then came Tha Liks
Then Xzibit added hot done proda to the mix
Then Defari, "Hey you!"
Comin’ through, Likwit Crew
And ? gets the broom, who can sin it?
Who can sin it?
Twisted and been it
But if the funk ain’t in it
My DJ always submitted to spin it
If I said that I meant it
Don’t get’cha mouth pin it in ?
We feelin’ with a penny, represent it

[Verse 4: Tash]
If it don’t say Likwit, then you won’t get bent
Aiyyo, dollars and cents, make the world just awkward
Got niggas in the hood, livin’ next to their doctor
I’m a rowdy, mic-rocker, since the age of twenty-two
In the video, flossin’, like "This could be you"
Likwit Crew, do it up, ’til the wheels fall off
Unlike these other niggas, that had it and lost it
We stayed in the game, stayed hot
Turned up the flame
"Y’all know the name"

[Chorus 2x]

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