An Unusual Kiss

it’s 1:25 a.m. i think i’ve seen that look somewhere before
1:25 a.m. i thought you were headed for the door
then something touched my skin
i wont ask you to leave here any more

was it talk or the drink or the dance that led to this
was i so naive presuming the innocence
well its 1:54 and it’s such an unusual kiss


come on come on come on
over and over
come on come on come on
we all wanted this
come on come on come on
over and over
its such an unusual kiss

the smell the taste the touch is so brand new
the thrill of the eyes that capture this forbidden view
its 2:45 and you’ll have some explaining to do

it’s 3:17 a.m. please let me into you eyes
it’s 4:23 i try to hold on as you rise
i’ll give you all that i have if thats what you want me to try


its 5:26 a.m. i’ve got nothing left that i can say
5:26 a.m. black and white has melted into grey
my baby draws the shades as the taxi pulls away


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