Ain't Nobody


Ain’t nobody who can love me like you
Ain’t no reason that I’ll ever be untrue
There’s no need for me to try
I can’t find a reason why
Ain’t nobody who can really love me like you do

I was always the one who needed some affection
And you open your heart to me
Now I’m falling in love
And I can’t get enough of your love
There ain’t no


Since you been in my life, now I have direction
And I know where I want to be
Boy you know it’s with you
Cause I love what you do when your making sweet love to me

I thought that I (thought I was wrong) was wrong
For wanting to (For wanting to be with you all the time) all the time
I never you knew ( I never knew that you would play
games with my mind) my mind


When you hold me in your arms
I get this feeling
Fill me with your love
Can’t nobody love me like you boy
Cause you give me your good love
Ain’t nobody that can love me like you do

[(Repeat 10x) Fade]

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