A Shot In The Dark

A wild guess. For Example: “The final question was ‘who won the World Cup in 1994?’ I didn’t have any clue, so I just took a shot in the dark and said Spain.”

In The Dark

Ignorant of a certain fact or issue. For Example: “In the debate when the Senator was asked his opinion on nuclear waste disposal, it was clear by his stuttering that he is in the dark on that issue.”

Not Cut Out For

Not fit to be a part of. For Example: “Debra thought she wanted to become a journalist, but after her first week of classes she determined she’s not cut out for that career.”

Can’t Cut The Mustard

Often shortened to “can’t cut it,” this phrase means you can’t handle a certain task or issue. For Example: “Bill thought about joining the Marines, but he eventually concluded that he just can’t cut basic training.”

Off The Cuff

Without being prepared in advance. For Example: “The President was asked to give a speech off the cuff, so he wasn’t at his best.”

A Far Cry From

One thing that is very different from another thing, usually inferior. For Example: “You can’t compare Cornell to Harvard. Cornell is a far cry from Harvard.”

Crocodile Tears

Pretending to be upset by something. For Example: “He acted really upset about not being invited on the trip, but I think he was just crying crocodile tears.”

Up The Creek

In a difficult position with no easy way out. For Example: The full saying is “up the creek without a paddle” which means you’re in a bad situation and don’t really have anything that can help you.

Take Its Course

Allowing something to happen without outside influence. For Example: The full saying is usually “let nature take its course” which means “just relax and let’s just see how everything works out in the end.”