Out Of Your Depth

Having no knowledge or experience on a topic. For Example: “My physics class is so hard. I’m way out of my depth in there.”

Runs Deep

Something that is very established or concrete. For Example: “That red hair runs deep in Jimmy’s family genetics.”

To Death

A phrase used to emphasize an emotion. For Example: If you are “scared to death,” you are really scared. If you are “bored to death,” you are really bored.

Get A Raw Deal

To receive poor treatment or a bad outcome. If you get a raw deal, you had things go unfavorably. For Example: “I got a raw deal today at work: I found out they’re closing my position at the end of the year.”

Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead

A phrase that indicates a refusal to do something. For Example: If someone “wouldn’t be caught dead” doing something, that’s their way of saying they would never do it.

Make Someone’s Day

Doing something that makes someone happy. For Example: “You should go tell Jenny that you noticed she’s lost some weight. I’m sure it will make her day.”

Don’t Give Up Your Day Job

A phrase used to tell someone they’re not very good at something. For Example: If Cory invites his friend Chris to go golfing and realizes his friend Chris is very bad at golfing, he might say, “well Chris, don’t give up your day job!” as a way of saying he’ll never be able to make […]

In Broad Daylight

Making no secrets or attempts to hide something. For Example: If you do something in broad daylight, you’re doing it for anyone to see.

Late In The Day

Too far along in a certain activity to attempt a certain action. For Example: “Jim thought we should kick a field goal, but it was too late in the day for that. Since we were down by 21, we had to try to go for a touchdown.”

Call It A Day

To declare the end of a day’s work. For Example: “Alright, I think we got enough orders shipped out today. Let’s call it a day and go get a beer.”