Leap Of Faith

This English phrase may sound rather daring and it likely should. It is usually used to refer to an act of bravery on some level. The act of bravery being spoken about may be relatively small. If so, then the phrase is used somewhat humorously. For Example: “He took a leap of faith when he […]

Like An Open Book

This is an English phrase that is used to describe a person who is very open and not hiding anything. It can be used to describe a person or something about a person. For instance: “He is like an open book.” Another possibility is: “His personal affairs are like an open book.” This kind of […]

Bending Over Backwards

This common phrase doesn’t usually have much to do with a person physically bending over. The phrase is used to describe someone who is doing everything possible for a person or a situation. For Example: “He does everything he can for his girlfriend. He really bends over backwards for her.”

Butterflies In The Stomach

The concept is based on how someone’s stomach might feel when they are nervous. For Example: The feeling is conceptually similar to having butterflies flying around. This can be used in the following way: “She is the star of the show, so she has butterflies in her stomach.”

A Little Bird Told Me

It is used when you want to tell someone something, but don’t want to tell them how you found out about it. For Example: Jon tells Sally that his company is doing really well. Sally tells her friend Joan to buy stock in the company. When Joan asks how Sally knows to do so, Sally […]

Life In The Fast Lane

It is a way of saying that someone is living bravely and doing what they truly want to, sometimes indulgently. For Example: The phrase is usually used in the following manner: “He (or she) is living life in the fast lane.” This usually has little to do with driving, as it may sound. It is […]

A Big Fish In A Small Pond

The meaning of this English phrase is different than it may sound. The phrase is actually a way of saying that someone is content to have a lot of influence in a relatively small group of people or place. For Example: This phrase can be used to describe someone who is a mayor of a […]

Take It Easy

The meaning of this common English phrase is very different than it may sound. In fact, it doesn’t really make logical sense when reading it. The phrase is essentially the same as saying: “Relax.” For Example: It is said by a person to another person to calm them. It can also be used by a […]

A Diamond In The Rough

Someone or something with great potential despite an appearance to the contrary. For Example: “She might not try very hard to look pretty, but I think Suzy is a diamond in the rough. If she focused more on her beauty, she would be a total knockout!”

Just Deserts

To get what one deserves. For Example: “I told Michael not to cheat on his taxes. Now he’s getting his just deserts; the IRS is auditing him.”